Telangana state symbols – these 4 icons for New State

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Telangana state symbols – We all know about the new 29th State of India “TELANGANA” and every state has a few unique Animals, Trees, Birds etc., Let us see Telangana State list of iconic things which were recently announced by the government of Telangana now the Telangana students should know about these things as it is important for General knowledge purpose. ( GOVT JOBS )

Telangana state symbols Icons

Telangana State Emblem:

The State government Telangana has a official emblem and that consists of Kakatiya Toranam & Charminar.

Telangana State Language:

The popular of state Telangana is about 35.19 Million according to 31st march 2011 the most of the people spoken language in the state is “TELUGU” so tjis is the Official State Language.

Telangana state symbols
Telangana state symbols
Telanagana State Symbols Icons

Telangana State Animal:

“DEER” is the Telanagana State Animal and the Scientific name is “Cervidae” population of the Deer in the Country is increasing and we should be thankful to the forest department.

Telangana State Flower:

The official State Flower of Telangana State is THANGEDU/TANGEDU and the Scientific name for the flower is Sennaauriculata.

Telangana State Bird:

“INDIAN ROLLER/BLUE JAY” is the State Bird of Telangana. The Telangana name of this bird is “Pala Pitta” and coming to the Scientific name is “Coracias Benghalensis”.

Telangana State Tree:

 Jammi Tree is the official tree of Telangana State and the family name of this is “Prospis” and Scientific name is “Prospis cineraria” this tree leafs are used in festival called DASARA and on that day it is know as Bengaram and given to each other as a tradition.

Telangana State Fruit:

MANGO is the fruit of Telangana and the Scintific name of this fruit is Mangifera indica.

Telangana State Sport:

KABADDI game is the official sport of Telangana State and this game is originated from the country INDIA.

Telangana State River:

The official State river of Telangan is GODAVARI and length of this river is about 1,465km. this is originated from the mountained called Bramga giri mountain.

Telangana State SONG:

The officail State song of Telangana is “JAYA JAYA HE TELANGANA JANANI JAYAKETHANAM” and this is written by “ANDE SRI”.

Telangana state symbols – students should know for General Knowledge

  • Q) What is the state fruit of Telangana?
  • A) Mango
  • Q) Which is the regional animal of Telangana?
  • A) Blac Buck
  • Q) What is the bird of Telangana?
  • A) Indian Roller
  • Q)What is Telangana tree?
  • A) Jand

Telangana state symbols

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