Stop Human Trafficking 2021

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Human trafficking is the most heinous crime in the world. Trafficking is a major threat to human rights. Many women and children are being sold for physical and sexual exploitation. The most lucrative business after arms and narcotics is human trafficking. This heinous business has taken new traits during the Covid economic crisis.

According to a report, there are 20 to 65 million displaced persons in India. In the age of the internet this crime is gaining a new momentum. Preventing this is definitely a problem for Governments.

The Telangana Police has set up Special Police Units (AHTUs) in each district to curb this problem. Police personnel have been deployed in these 31 police units in the state. They will work closely with all other stakeholders to achieve the desired results. To achieve this , trainings and co-ordination is being done by Women Safety Wing as Nodal agency for AHT of Telangana state.

I hope this blog will help you in increasing the awareness for curbing human trafficking and other related crimes.

What is Human Trafficking?

The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a child for the purpose of exploitation shall be considered “trafficking in persons” and if it is of anybody below 18 years is called Child Trafficking.

According to the the National Crime Records Bureau, more than 8,000 cases were registered in year 2016. The National Crime Records Bureau has revealed that 23,000 victims, including 182 foreigners, were rescued. Of these, 9,034 (58%) are under 18 years of age.

The victims of trafficking in the country are identified as middle and small class communities that are particularly economically and socially troubled.

By Crime Investigation Department (CID) in March 2018, almost 40 girls and women were rescued.

human trafficking
Stop Human Trafficking

Purposes of Human Trafficking

Trafficking in persons is done for several purposes and the destination sectors are:

  • Commercial sexual exploitation – for prostitution, child sex-tourism, pornography and paedophilia.
  • Labour exploitation – forced / bonded labour / exploitative .
  • Others sectors – organ trading, forced marriages, begging, illicit adoption, drug peddling, entertainment and sports – like camel racing, exotic dancing or performing in circuses.

Reasons for being Human trafficked:

Poverty Unemployment Illiteracy
Lack of Livelihood skills Gender-Discrimination Violation of rights of women & children
Severe Discrimination and inequality among women and children Discrimination and exploitation of tribals and lower caste Lack of protection from the family
Natural Disasters (Drought, Crop Failure, Earthquakes etc) Debts in the family Bonded Labour
High demand at tourist places Corruption Political turmoil
Social and economic inequalities Migration Dowry

Situations leading to Human Trafficking: 

Falling in love &  being cheated Luring for employment Poverty leading to severe vulnerability
To financially support the family Jogini system Love for cinema
Forced marriage Rape leading to prostitution Abduction
How to identify Human Traffickers ?

1. Traffickers are master manipulators. They are experts at persuading people to do things they never thought they would. They roam malls, aftercare centers, bus stations & social media to lure victims.

2. Traffickers will tell people that their parents, teachers and other adults don’t understand or appreciate them.

3. They will make people feel wanted and secure. They prey on young people’s hopes or dreams to improve their lives.

4. Women and children also can be recruiters for traffickers. It’s not just suspicious older men.

5. It is difficult to identify a trafficker by his/her looks, age, socio-economic level, daytime job or clothes.

6. Traffickers will trick people into believing they are your “lover” and shower you with gifts.

7. Traffickers trick peoples into turning them against the people whom they trust.

8. If someone appears desperate or needy, a trafficker will figure out what is needed and offer it to you.

Problems faced by trafficked children:
Hunger Drug Addiction Physical abuse
House arrest Blackmailing Forcing them to try intoxicants
Gang rape Death threats Physical & Psychological trauma

Questions to ask the victim:

  • Do your parents/siblings/relatives know where you are? If not, why not?
  • When was the last time you have saw your family?
  • Are you physically or sexually abused? Are you or your family threatened?
  • What is the nature of threats?
  • Do you keep your own money? If not, who does?
Slogans on Human Trafficking:
  • Humans- not for sale
  • End the Misery, Stop Human Trafficking
  • Help Abolish Slavery for a Brighter Tomorrow
  • Human Trafficking Is Criminal
  • Break The Chains, What Can You Do To Help?
  • Their Voices Aren’t Enough, We Need Yours
  • Freedom. Everyone’s Right
  • Being Used Leaves A Soul Bruised
  • Take Action Be Brave, Don’t Let People Be Slaves
  • No-One Can Own Anyone
  • Help Those, Who Can’t Help Themselves
  • Hear My Plea, Set Them Free

Anti Human Trafficking Units Women Safety Wing, Telangana State 

Making Cyberspace safe for Women and Children

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